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Video Director | Producer | Editor | DJ Bunny

Video Director | Producer | Editor | DJ Bunny

Perseverance has always been the motivation for the self-determined film enthusiast. Young, creative, and very stylistic, Erica D. Hayes is often called an auteur of directing. Afraid to think inside of the box, this young visual artist has been known for using her resources to every project’s best creative interest. One of her favored techniques is to use lighting to create an emotion on-screen. Video Director Erica D. Hayes challenges all boundaries to no existence.

Hayes has always had an unwavering love for the art of Film since her early youth. Born into the suburban lifestyle of metro Detroit, Hayes was introduced to many cultures at an early age. Adversity was the fuel to her fire and her persistence is what keeps her on track for success. Hayes initially enrolled in an Aviation Administration Degree program at Western Michigan University where she received a full academic scholarship through ROTC and was on the path on becoming a Pilot in the military. It wasn’t until she was running laps for the Fitness Exam that she realized she was running for wrong reasons. She changed locations and started running after her dream of becoming a video director.

She has worked with industry favorites such as Universal Motown Recording Artist KEM, Mack Avenue Recording Artist Johnnie Bassett, Roy Ayers, Mack Avenue Recording Artist Tia Fuller, Motor City Horns, Motor City brass Quartet, G.O.O.D Music / Def Jam Artist Big Sean, Dwele, Slum Village, Amp Fiddler, Monica Blaire, Chris Newland, Savallace, Hot Club of Detroit, Delta G, DJ BJ, DJ Limelightz, DJ Quietstorm AND MORE! “I may not have any gas but I have a lot of drive” says Hayes, owner and Founder of Endangered Creations, LLC. Hayes believes that the new industry developing is lacking “Creativity” and “Imagination”.

Some of her noted influences include Frank Budgen, Diane Martel, The Coen Brothers, Chris Robinson, Tom Tykwer, Ray Kay, Spike Lee, Lil X, Franco Zeffirelli, Hype Williams, Federico Fellini, Melina, Va$htie, and many more! Hayes has an everlasting passion for learning and constantly perfecting her craft. Currently Hayes is working in the greater Metro-Detroit area on many film projects and endeavors.

Partial Client List

Partial Client List

Sample Work: The Endangered Creations

Erica D. Hayes – Video Director | Producer | Editor | DJ Bunny

Director & Editor for Awesome The Television show

Director & Editor for Awesome The Television show

4 responses

  1. Yvonne

    Hey..Love the work I wanted to know if you did Photoshoots and if so do you do individuals

    June 16, 2009 at 7:47 pm


    hello i want 2 work with you soon shoot me an email with you prices for shoots and vids. j.donaldson210@yahoo.com thanks

    September 2, 2010 at 8:03 am

  3. Aron

    Hello Erica,

    I am at student at Oakland University majoring in communications. I am interested in enhancing the little bit of editing skills I have. I was wondering if you are interested in any volunteer editors?

    November 8, 2010 at 4:48 pm

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