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Micah Music Video Shoot

I flew back to Detroit to shoot a video for a dope young 12 year old artist by the name of Micah and we had entirely toooooo much fun! I appreciate when I am given complete creative control and trust. We had a great team of people working on this project and I will be very excited to release this one! Shout out to Lil Elijah J for his cameo appearance!

Thank you for everyone who helped out on this project! I’ve never seen so many talented kids in one room!! It was great! Teamwork makes the dream work baby!!!

Stay tuned for the BTS Video and the actual premiere!

“Souls of Black Men” Movie Casting Call

Endangered Creations, LLC & Blackified, LLC. is now casting for their new feature film to be shot in May 2011.

“Souls of Black Men”  is a feature film that focuses on the struggles of 5 African American males as they work through their inner demons, adversities and life journeys together.

Casting will be held Sunday April 17, 2011

If interested, email your head shot and resume to SoulsOfBlackMenCasting@gmail.com

For more info go to http://www.TheSoulsOfBlackMen.com


Reverend James Clayton: (Male Age 25-55) A God fearing man who is dealing with an infidel wife that he cannot bring himself to divorce due to his immense love for her and the fear of the gossips/members of his mega church.

Steve (Male Age 25-55) A dark skin brother who was very poor and considered unattractive when he was younger. Now, with a muscular body and the chiseled face of a greek God, not to mention his wealth due to the ownership of the largest construction company in the city, he finds it hard dealing with success; financially, personally and emotionally due to a past hurt.

Jalen – (Male Age 25-55) A writer who has always strived to be the best but grew into everything by trail and error. He has dealt with a broken heart on many occasions even though he was at the center of the cause.  He is his greatest pain. He needs a woman for inspiration. He is a good man with money but a terrible mate to be had.

Lawrence – (Male Age 25-55) A high powered attorney who loves “young” women and always needs to have two or more of them to keep him satisfied, although he has a fear of commitment. His favorite saying: “I don’t want nothing old but my money!” Now he is growing old and can’t seem to keep up with the “younger” ladies any longer.

Percy: The “Ex” drug dealer who has spent many years in prison for drug smuggling. He has stashed much of his profits therefore his is rich beyond measure.  He is average looking and ruthless to those he does not know.  Women adore him for his “bad boy” image, even though he is not chasing them because secretly he prefers men.

Allen: (Male Age 25 – 55) A hourly electrician at Chrysler, making $160k per year, extraordinarily handsome, hard working, kind hearted but very shy.  He would take the woman employed at IHop if she would only talk to him.

Carmen: (Female Age 20-35) A beautiful waitress that brings drinks and delivers wit and feminine insight to the guys.  SHe is also in her last semester of nursing school.

Teenage Steve – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Percy – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage James – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Lawrence – (Male age 13-18)

Teenage Allen – (Male age 13-18)

Female Drug Addict – (age 20 – 40)

Carlita Pettway – (Female age 30 – 60) – Very stern, educated and slightly sexy school principle.

Rose – (Female age 25-45) – Reverend Clayton’s very beautiful but cheating wife. First lady of the church but would rather be the only lady in her husband’s life.

Young girl #1 – Super “fast” high school female that speaks with an attitude and out of her neck. Her “fastness” causes a shooting between her boyfriend and another boy in her school who was aggressively hitting on her.

Young Boy # 1 – Young, ignorant and ego driven high school male who attempts to shoot another high school student over his girlfriend.

Percy’s Grandmother – 60+ African American “Big Mama” style grandmother who tries to talk some sense into her misguided grandson.

Restaurant Owner/Management – (Male age 25+) – Typical mid-level management type who likes to control and micromanage all angles of his company.

Church congregation – 100+ extras of all ages and races for a church sermon scene.

ALL ACTORS  must be able to sell wide range of emotion with exaggerated gestures and facial expressions.


NEW VIDEO: Lil Elijah J – Do My Thang DIR: Erica D. Hayes

Not too long ago I was contacted about a really talented artist that’s currently on tour with Disney Broadway as Simba by the name of Lil Elijah J. I was really feeling the song and they were really feeling the treatment so I flew out to Philly to shoot Lil Elijah J’s new single “Do My Thang”.

It was my first time in Philly and I had a super dope time! Can’t wait to go back and knock out some more awesome projects….

Artist: Lil Elijah J
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Video Producer: Shaharah Woodward
DP: John Carr

NEW VIDEO: Intro to Intimacy by Universal Motown artist KEM DIR: Erica D. Hayes

After 5 years, Universal Motown artist KEM comes back with another HIT album! I’ve spent a lot of time with the music on the new album so I can assure you it’s the KEM that everyone has grew to love! It was such a pleasure working on this project. We had an awesome team of people and KEM is just an awesome artist to work with.

Universal Motown artist KEM shares his definition of Intimacy in this first promo video for his upcoming album entitled, INTIMACY… Listen closely and you’ll hear “Human Touch” one of the new songs on the album…

Executive Producer: KEM
Producer: Toya Hankins
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Assistant Director: Nick Llyod
Make Up Artist: Tina Janel
Gaffer/ Grip: Dan Speice
Grip: Kevin Anderson
Grip: Johnnie Luna
Still Photography: Timothy PaulE
Production Assistant: Cindy Harrington
Behind The Scenes footage – Jeremy Brockman

NEW VIDEO – Behind The Scenes footage of KEM’s video shoot!

Check out the behind the scenes video to the Universal Motown recording artist KEM video shoot at MGM Grand Detroit directed by Erica D. Hayes. The shoot was uber fun and I’m really excited for the final video to be released! KEM is releasing his upcoming album “INTIMACY” July 2010 and I PROMISE this will be one of his GREATEST ALBUMS!!!!

Executive Producer: KEM
Producer: Toya Hankins
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Assistant Director: Nick Llyod
Make Up Artist: Tina Janel
Gaffer/ Grip: Dan Speice
Grip: Kevin Anderson
Grip: Johnnie Luna
Still Photography: Timothy PaulE
Production Assistant: Cindy Harrington
Behind The Scenes footage – Jeremy Brockman

Video production company: Endangered Creations, LLC.

My sincerest apologies…

Sometimes you are forced to take a step back and evaluate your processes and your relationships. This is obviously one of those times for me. All night and day I have attempted to track down the source of last night’s failure, and have been unable to do so to this point. That said, I humbly send my sincerest apologies to everybody, in particular Chip Tha Ripper, Big Duke and the fans. I would however, like to let you know that somewhere in the transfer of fees last night that Chip’s payment disappeared. I am unsure of how this happened, and will continue to work diligently to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, I am re-evaluating my strategies and practices and will do everything in my power to regain your confidence going forward.

Thank you for listening,

Erica D. Hayes

Chip Tha Ripper in DETROIT FEBRUARY 27, 2010 @ BERT’S WAREHOUSE!!!!


The homie Chip Tha Ripper is BACK IN DETROIT February 27, 2010 at Bert’s Warehouse Russell Street Detroit MI.

Endangered Creations, Mynat Investments, Wyldlyfe Ent & Black Pearl Greetings


“My Life is Like A Movie”
Starring CHIP THA RIPPER!!!!!

Ro Spit
Earlly Mac
Big Shan

Special invited guests
Chuck Inglish

Sounds by DJ MoBeatz & DJ PEST

Hosted by Kenny Valentino, Juan The Blogger & D. Yago

Burn Rubber Detroit
202 West 4th Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067-3807
(248) 543-3000

154 W. Maple
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 731-7849

Freshman Clothing
204 E. Grand River
Detroit, MI 48226

OR CALL Erica D. Hayes + 1 248 508 1890 | Natalie Yago + 1 313 658 2573

For more info email EricaDHayes@Gmail or HelenaYago@Hotmail.com


“Never Come Close To”
In Store / Meet & Greet @ REVIVE
February 27, 2010 from 2pm – 6pm

154 W. Maple
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 731-7849

“Never Come Close To”
In Store/ Meet & Greet @ Burn Rubber Detroit
February 27, 2010 from 4pm – 6pm!

202 West 4th Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067-3807
(248) 543-3000

Chip will be taking pictures and signing copies of his HIT MIXTAPE “The Cleveland Show”





Screenshots from Monica Blaire’s EPK Shoot

I wanted to share a few screen shots from Monica Blaire’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit) shoot.

Directed by Erica D. Hayes

Monica Blaire


R.I.P Baatin from Slum Village

Roy Ayers

Amp Fidder

R&B Recording artist Dwele

Monica Blaire

Slum Village

Monica Blaire Music Video Production Stills

Hey all!!

I had the opportunity to direct one of Monica Blaire’s music videos yesterday. The whole crew was super awesome to work with and we had a chance to make some magic! More details on the music video coming soon but for now, check out some unedited, production stills!

Directed by Erica D. Hayes
Camera Operator – Tom Valko
Directory of Photography by Gerard Atillio
Make up by Dwayne – Chrysalis
Choregraphy by Danielle McLain
Gaffers – Myron Watkins (The MrMr), Christopher Stewart
Still Photography by Myron Watkins (The MrMr), Christopher Stewart
Orchestra – Ubran Orchestra

Thanks to EVERYONE on set even the tons of other helpful people who I didn’t mention… You guys are super awesome!

This was the beginning of a great jib shot! After reviewing the footage I could hear myself yelling at the kids “Keep those bows still, eyes on the conducter, Stop moving… CUT CUT!” Lol



This is a still from a great tracking shot….Monica was a BEAST the entire time! Just amazing to work with! 🙂


Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West & Common “Make Her Say” Video

I love the framing & composition. The colors are awesome…. This video is simply just…Mad Dope!

Can’t wait for his album to drop in Sept!

Wale & Lady Gaga | Chillin (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix)

Too sick! DJ Benzi strikes again!!



Finally the truth comes out….

“Wait for me”

This is a very touching 3 minute documentary directed by Ross Kauffman that I couldn’t help but to post. Thanks to the homie Nem Perez for putting me up on this. For those who don’t know who Nem Perez is, he is a dope editor and motion graphic artist, so check out his work.


Hey All!

We would like congratulate REN CEN, the winner of our $20,000 music video raffle! Luck and Talent is running fluent in this kats blood! More information about this diverse artist coming soon!

Ren Cen


Womans’s Weave Stops Bullet Saves Her Life

Hmmm… Just thought we would share this crazy phenomena…. The stocks of weave will be going up everywhere!

Chris Brown hitting Rihanna on video

Our pals over at Broken equiptment productions really went insane with this Chris Brown paraody!


Janelle Monae | Michigan Theater | Sincerely Jane