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Micah Music Video Shoot

I flew back to Detroit to shoot a video for a dope young 12 year old artist by the name of Micah and we had entirely toooooo much fun! I appreciate when I am given complete creative control and trust. We had a great team of people working on this project and I will be very excited to release this one! Shout out to Lil Elijah J for his cameo appearance!

Thank you for everyone who helped out on this project! I’ve never seen so many talented kids in one room!! It was great! Teamwork makes the dream work baby!!!

Stay tuned for the BTS Video and the actual premiere!

NEW VIDEO: Monica Blaire – “Material Girl Refix” DIR: Erica D. Hayes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esS5aSVVUNQ]
Artist: Monica Blaire
Director: Erica D. Hayes
DP Tom Valko
Gaffer: Gerard Atillio
Grip: Myron Watkins

NEW VIDEO: Karl KingSon – “Tongue” DIR: Erica D. Hayes

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_TtVEHqtOs]
Artist: Karl KingSon
Director: Erica D. Hayes & Karl Kingson
DP Josef Petrous
Starring Gabrielle Rodriguez
Song written & performed by Karl KingSon
Produced by J5 for my Muzik LLC

Erica D. Hayes 2010 Director’s Demo Reel

Erica D. Hayes 2010 Director’s Demo Reel
Booking contact: EricaDHayes@gmail.com | 248.508.1890
Click here to download Erica D. Hayes | DJ Bunny’s EPK

DJ Bunny Presents #MyBad – The Mixtape

It’s time for the new tape people!! Are you ready?? Release party will be 10.20.10 @ Club 9 in Ferndale MI 9pm-2am!!!

DJ Bunny Presents #MyBad – The Mixtape available for free download on 10.20.10 on http://www.IAMDJBunny.com

DOWNLOAD LINK —> Party Mix http://www.limelinx.com/files/d96791f5ec02377969818e8fd8c676e1

Featuring songs like…
– Walk In the Park is Over (Drake x Beach House)
– 1993 Barry Bonds (Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne x DJ Signify)
– Alcohol Forever (Jamie Foxx x Röyksopp)
– Once Radio (Prod. by David Guetta)
– Cold Dust Girl (Hey Champ)
– Check It Out (Will.I.Am f. Nicki Minaj)
– Tik Tok (Phase Scarlet)
– OMG Remix (Usher f. Will.I.AM)
– Favorite DJ (Clinton Sparks, DJ Class, Jermaine Dupri)
– Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix) (Miike Snow)
– Toyfriend (David Guetta f. Wynter Gordon)
– Heads Will Roll Remix (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
– Memories (David Guetta f. Kid Cudi)
– We are the people (tits and clits remix) (Empire of Sun)
– Somebody to love Remix (Justin Beiber f. Usher)
– Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi)
– Roxanne Remix (The Police)
– Bullet Proof (Zinc Remix) (La Roux)
– Shots (LMFAO f. Lil Jon
– Put Your Drinks Up (DJ Mad)
– Put your hands up in the air (House Remix) (Stromae)
– Dynamite (Brando Remix) (Taio Cruz)
– Closer (Stonebridge Remix) (Ne-yo)
– Empire State of Mind House Remix (Alicia Keys)
– Give It To Me Right (Paul Emanuel Club Mix) (Melanie Fiona)

http://www.IAMDJBunny.com | http://www.EndangeredCreations.com | @EricaDHayes
booking – IAMDJBunny@Gmail.com

NEW VIDEO: Universal Motown KEM – “Why Would You Stay” DIR: Erica D. Hayes

One of my latest videos was just recently released and I am uber excited! I had tons of fun working on this project and I appreciate my awesome team coming together and putting some Endangered Creativity in a pot and cooking up some greatness… lol

Artist: KEM
Song: Why Would You Stay
Label: Universal Motown
Producer: Toya Hankins
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Jeremy Brockman
Assistant Director: Lyrena Ogburn
Location Manager: Nina Payne
Gaffer: Dave St. George
Grip: Nick Tootalian
Make Up Artist: Tina Janel
Hair Stylist: Andrea Duchesneau
Stylist: Fancie
Assistant Stylist: Rufus Bartell
Production Assistant: Shyheim Thompson, Carmen Hayes

Production Company: Endangered Creations, LLC.


NEW VIDEO: Zander – “Danger Zone’ DIR: Erica D. Hayes

DC/Detroit Rapper Zander in “Danger Zone”. Purchase this single on ITunes today!

Artist: Zander
Song: Danger Zone
Label: Seven Sounds Music Group
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Jeremy Brockman

NEW VIDEO: Lil Elijah J – Do My Thang DIR: Erica D. Hayes

Not too long ago I was contacted about a really talented artist that’s currently on tour with Disney Broadway as Simba by the name of Lil Elijah J. I was really feeling the song and they were really feeling the treatment so I flew out to Philly to shoot Lil Elijah J’s new single “Do My Thang”.

It was my first time in Philly and I had a super dope time! Can’t wait to go back and knock out some more awesome projects….

Artist: Lil Elijah J
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Video Producer: Shaharah Woodward
DP: John Carr

NEW VIDEO: Carl Petty – Long as Afternoon Shadows DIR: Erica D Hayes

This was one of those projects that made me remember why I direct music videos… I not only had a ton of fun and worked with a GREAT team of people, but we were allowed to be creative, innovative and experimental. I completely respect Carl Petty for choosing to do “Long As Afternoon Shadows” as his first music video because of the deeper meaning within the song and the fact that it’s dedicated to his late aunt. I believe we have all lost someone sooner than we wanted to (if we ever wanted to…)

Anyway check it out:

Artist: Carl Petty
Title: Long As Afternoon Shadows
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Jeremy Brockman
Producer: Tanya Zora
Grip/PA/AD: Lyrena Ogburn
Set Photographer: Jonathan Jackson

“A Glad Awakening” – New short film Directed by Erica D. Hayes

I would like to present to you the first short film directed by Erica D. Hayes. The story behind the production of this independent short film is pretty intense if you ask me but it was really fun. Directing this project really opened my eyes to working on all types of productions, not just music videos and commercials. It was shot last year at a $1.3 million estate in Bloomfield Hills. I am very excited about the release of this production and can’t wait to gain your feedback.

More details about this short will be posted very soon.

“A Glad Awakening” – Directed by Erica D. Hayes

“A young, rich and successful wife of a famous politician has bipolar symptoms that quickly sparrow her life out of control into a drug ridden depression that causes intense tension within their marriage.”

– A Glad Awakening
(Based off the best seller from Betty Ford: “A Glad Awakening”)

Directed by Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Myron Watkins
Key Grip: Timothy Robinson
Make up: Mashawnta Armstrong

Starring Clarence Olinger as Jack Reynolds
Sydney Turner as Cynthia Reynolds
Theresa Hill as News Reporter

Production Company – Endangered Creations, LLC.

NEW VIDEO: Intro to Intimacy by Universal Motown artist KEM DIR: Erica D. Hayes

After 5 years, Universal Motown artist KEM comes back with another HIT album! I’ve spent a lot of time with the music on the new album so I can assure you it’s the KEM that everyone has grew to love! It was such a pleasure working on this project. We had an awesome team of people and KEM is just an awesome artist to work with.

Universal Motown artist KEM shares his definition of Intimacy in this first promo video for his upcoming album entitled, INTIMACY… Listen closely and you’ll hear “Human Touch” one of the new songs on the album…

Executive Producer: KEM
Producer: Toya Hankins
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Assistant Director: Nick Llyod
Make Up Artist: Tina Janel
Gaffer/ Grip: Dan Speice
Grip: Kevin Anderson
Grip: Johnnie Luna
Still Photography: Timothy PaulE
Production Assistant: Cindy Harrington
Behind The Scenes footage – Jeremy Brockman

NEW VIDEO – Behind The Scenes footage of KEM’s video shoot!

Check out the behind the scenes video to the Universal Motown recording artist KEM video shoot at MGM Grand Detroit directed by Erica D. Hayes. The shoot was uber fun and I’m really excited for the final video to be released! KEM is releasing his upcoming album “INTIMACY” July 2010 and I PROMISE this will be one of his GREATEST ALBUMS!!!!

Executive Producer: KEM
Producer: Toya Hankins
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Assistant Director: Nick Llyod
Make Up Artist: Tina Janel
Gaffer/ Grip: Dan Speice
Grip: Kevin Anderson
Grip: Johnnie Luna
Still Photography: Timothy PaulE
Production Assistant: Cindy Harrington
Behind The Scenes footage – Jeremy Brockman

Video production company: Endangered Creations, LLC.

Savallace – “Tonight’s The Night” Music Video

Hey guys!!

It’s most certainly been a long time coming for me as a Video Director, Producer & Editor as well as Savallace as an Artist. Get very familiar with this guy, I can promise you he’s not your average rapper from Detroit. Check out the latest music video I directed for Savallace. We all had a GREAT time at the music video release party last night! Savallace & The Band threw down on the stage and the crowd was LOVING IT!!

Be sure to show some love by posting it on your blog, linking it to a friend and letting me know how you feel about the production.

Thanks for all of your support!!

Artist: Savallace
Song: Tonight’s The Night
Client: Project Producers, LLC.
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Make up: Dwayne (Chrysalis)
Production Company: Endangered Creations, LLC.

We had a GREAT production team for this project!!! I appreciate everyone who contributed their talents to make this a success!!! (*That includes you bloggers)

Savallace – “Tonight’s The Night” Music Video Release Party Promo

Join 2009 Grammy Nominated Artist Savallace as he premieres his debut Music Video for his hit single “Tonight’s The Night” directed by Erica D. Hayes on November 5, 2009 at TV Lounge (2548 Grandriver Detroit, MI) from 7pm – 10pm.

For more information contact:
Project Producers, LLC. – Toya@ProjectProducers.com or call 313.883.1118

Promo Video Directed by Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography – Gerard Victor

Music Video Directed by Erica D. Hayes
Director of Photography – Mike Berlucchi

Savallace.com | EndangeredCreations.com | EricaDHayes.com

2009 Grammy Nominated Artist Savallace’s EPK

2009 Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Savallace’s EPK

Client: Project Producers, LLC.
Artist: Savallace
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Photographer: Cybelle Codish
Produced by Endangered Creations, LLC.


DJ Mo Beatz Promo Video

Check out this Promo video I edited for DJ Mo Beatz!

Visit DJ Mo Beatz Blog!

Monica Blaire EPK (Short Version)

Monica Blaire EPK (Short Version) from Endangered Creations on Vimeo.

Recording Artist Monica Blaire explains the Monica Blaire experience, along with Roy Ayers, Dwele and Amp Fiddler!

Artist: Monica Blaire
Client: Silent Riot Productions | Focal Point Media Group
Director: Erica D. Hayes
Sound Engineer: Chris Ferguson
Make Up Artist: Dwayne
Photographer: Love
Editor: Erica Hayes




New Monologue starring Lawrence Lamont Jenkins produced by Endangered Creations!

Check out a new monologue produced by Endangered Creations starring Lawrence Lamont Jenkins!

[Vimeo http://vimeo.com/6406199%5D

Lawrence Lamont Jenkins Monologue #2 from StarWater on Vimeo.

Directed by Erica D. Hayes

Click to Follow him on twitter!!!

Monica Blaire Music Video Production Stills

Hey all!!

I had the opportunity to direct one of Monica Blaire’s music videos yesterday. The whole crew was super awesome to work with and we had a chance to make some magic! More details on the music video coming soon but for now, check out some unedited, production stills!

Directed by Erica D. Hayes
Camera Operator – Tom Valko
Directory of Photography by Gerard Atillio
Make up by Dwayne – Chrysalis
Choregraphy by Danielle McLain
Gaffers – Myron Watkins (The MrMr), Christopher Stewart
Still Photography by Myron Watkins (The MrMr), Christopher Stewart
Orchestra – Ubran Orchestra

Thanks to EVERYONE on set even the tons of other helpful people who I didn’t mention… You guys are super awesome!

This was the beginning of a great jib shot! After reviewing the footage I could hear myself yelling at the kids “Keep those bows still, eyes on the conducter, Stop moving… CUT CUT!” Lol



This is a still from a great tracking shot….Monica was a BEAST the entire time! Just amazing to work with! 🙂


The Noisettes – Never Forget You

Cart – The Film

Simplicity at its finest!


“Welcome to KemTV & FREE CONCERT”

This is the intro video to a youtube vignette series I am working on for Universal Motown Recording on KEM for his upcoming album “KEM ALBUM III: INTIMACY”.

Coming soon….Check out KEMTV on youtube for more videos!

Kem's free concert


G.O.O.D Music Artist Big Sean is representing Detroit very well…Mad props!